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Leo House fund specific Leo House nurses, who care for life limited children in Sussex. The nurses operate as a part of the Chestnut Tree House community team, and have their own base in the Leo House office in Brighton. 


Each nurse has their own case load of about 20 families supporting them from the difficult time of diagnosis through to end of life and bereavement.


Leo House will assist in obtaining help and advice which will support the children, young people and their families according to their individual physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.


We do this in a number of ways...


  • looking after the sick child or young person so the rest of the family can spend time together


  • providing information about obtaining equipment


  • assessing and monitoring the on-going needs of the very sick child or young person


  • working closely with statutory and voluntary agencies, and medical professionals to ensure the family receives the services best suited to their needs


  • befriending and listening to the concerns of the whole family


  • teaching and training families to carry out medical procedures such as tube feeding, tracheotomy tubes and administering medication


  • bereavement support for as long as it is needed




Privacy policy

Please be assured that we respect your privacy. No information about our donors or supporters will be released to third parties other than for reclaiming tax or unless we are required to do so by force of law.

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