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Past Events

We are, very proud of the people who raise money for us and the efforts they go to on our behalf!. Here is a selection of some of these past events.




Every year since its inception we have supported the Brighton marathon. We would like to thank all our runners in every event who have raised money for us

Mt Kinabalu Climb 

Well done to David Skiner who  did a fantastic job raising money for Leo House on this epic climb of Mt Kinabalu in Borneo. For those unaccustomed to this particular peak it's 4095m (13, 4325ft) high or just over 13 times taller than the Shard in London

Tough Guy event 

A big thank you to Tom for taking part and raising money for us. Tough Guy is a 15km course which consists of a 10km cross country run, followed by a series of obstacles including fences, 4m high walls, ditches, jumps, electrified cables, flooded tunnels, barbed wire, fire, freezing water and lots of mud!.


Privacy policy

Please be assured that we respect your privacy. No information about our donors or supporters will be released to third parties other than for reclaiming tax or unless we are required to do so by force of law.

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Local (supermarket) support

We often benefit from the charity tubes in supermarkets. If ever you see Leo House please support us!

Helen Browne - Busking at Christmas

Those who are in the Brighton area and needing a break from their Christmas shopping should make their way to Bills in the North laine area of Brighton, where they can have been ‘soothed’ by the dulcet tones of Helen Browne's group of music students who regularly ‘busk‘ there at Christmas time on behalf of Leo House. 

Ouse Valley Quilters

Some fantastic quilts have been produced by the Ouse Valley Quilters over the years and we thank them for the support then have given us over the years..

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