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Wills: Making or changing a Will

How Do I make a Will?

A Will is an important legal document and unless you have the necessary expertise it is very easy for complications to arise at a later date.


We therefore recommend that you contact a solicitor or professional advisor who can draw up the document according to your wishes.


There are many firms of solicitors in Sussex who can help you compose or amend your Will. A professional advisor will ensure not only that your estate is distributed as you would wish, but also that you have minimised your taxable contribution, leaving more for family, friends and good causes.


Leo House can help you find a Leo friendly solicitor, or you could contact The Law Society.

This impartial, independent organisation operates a free 'Find a Solicitor' service, which can be contacted using the following details.


Tel: 020 7242 1222







How do I change my Will?


Never write on your Will or you will make it invalid.

Major changes might require a completely new Will. However, minor additions can be made using a separate document called a codicil. You must sign it in the presence of two witnesses who must also sign it. They must not be beneficiaries of the Will or related to beneficiaries. Then the codicil must be kept with the Will but not attached to it.


Leaving a gift to Leo House can be easily arranged by adding a codicil to an existing Will.


A blank codicil document can be picked up from a newsagent's, stationers or post office for just a few pounds - but if you have doubts or queries, we recommend you contact your solicitor.















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