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We are, of course, very pleased to receive donations to enable our work to continue and expand.


We currently offer two lotteries, the 50+50 Lottery and the Great Weather Lottery.



The 50+50 Lottery

Our 50+50 Lottery is a way of supporting Leo House that can win you up to £250.


The stake is only £1 per share a week. Half the money raised is used to support Leo House's work and the other half is put into the lottery prize fund.


There is a monthly draw, with each monthly winner receiving £30. There is one super draw each November and the winner of that draw receives £250.

The £1 a week stake is payable in advance by standing order every three months. It is not refundable.


You may take as many shares as you wish.If you wish to take part and help Leo House, download the standing order mandate and applications forms from our website and complete and sign them then post them to us at;


Leo House at Home

Lion’s Dene

The Deneway


BN1 5AZ.



The Great Weather Lottery


The lottery is really fun to play.


Simply select six lucky numbers (between 0-9) to play in our daily game. (5 days a week. Monday - Friday.)


Every day the organisers will take the last digit of the recorded temperature (in Fahrenheit) as reported in the Daily Telegraph for six cities around the world (Corfu, Istanbul, Tenerife, Innsbruck, Edinburgh & Stockholm) and scan all of the entries to see who has won!


You can check your numbers via their website, through the Daily Telegraph newspaper or just give the organisers a call.


But, best of all, you do not need to check or claim your cash prize, the system is fully automated and the prizes will be posted directly to you.


Match 3 numbers and win £2. Match 4 numbers and win £20. Match 5 numbers and win £200. Match 6 numbers and win £25,000.


Click here for more details and an application form.


Privacy policy

Please be assured that we respect your privacy. No information about our donors or supporters will be released to third parties other than for reclaiming tax or unless we are required to do so by force of law.

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